haha hot bitches smokin’ it up

haha hot bitches smokin’ it up

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is it weird to let a guy come on your chest?

Finally getting to hook up with a guy I fucked up around makes my day.


REAL Lesbians React to Lesbian Porn!

I’m laughing so hard oh my god

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I want nothing more then to move into my own apartment in New York City & live my life like Carrie Bradshaw. 

You can tell me all day every day how unrealistic that my dream is, but that’s why it is a dream. And with the way things are going, I’m going to make it!

The ORIGINAL badasses lol

The ORIGINAL badasses lol

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wise words


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My guy friend told me he can’t fuck me cuz I’m too skinny. WTF does that even mean?!

I’m perfect bitch!

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